Pay-Per-Click Keyword Advertising

Don't have the time to learn all the search engine placement techniques?

Can't wait for months even if you do know the secrets?

Need to get some quick traffic to your site?

Try submitting to these pay-for-placement / pay-per-click
search engines, directories and publisher networks for highly targeted traffic!

Yahoo! Search Drives Powerful Results

Reach: With one advertising buy, you can reach up to 80% of all Internet users because you'll be listed on some of the best search engines and portals on the Web including premier sites like Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, and
Targeted Leads: Customers who click on your search listings are pre-qualified, motivated and looking for what you have to offer.
Bottom Line Results: You control the cost of acquiring new customers, and you pay only for targeted leads. This translates into a high return on your advertising investment.

Advertise your Web site with Yahoo! Sponsored Search. Sign up and get a $25 credit into your new account. Learn more.

The Network is a performance-based, keyword-targeted advertisement service that distributes millions of advertisements throughout the Internet each day based on a bid-for-position, pay-per-click pricing model.

Drive traffic to your site with keyword-targeted pay-per-click advertising?simply the best advertising available. Try today.

AdSonar for Advertisers is a part of the AdSonar Exchange – a category-aligned network of publishers and advertisers brought together by Quigo to generate a content-targeted advertising marketplace.

AdSonar Exchange raises the "relevancy" bar. AdSonar borrows from traditional and tested marketing concepts by using content categories to begin matching relevant advertisers and publishers in a highly organized manner. Advertisers then choose the topics within those sites to display their message and how much they'll pay per click – ensuring a highly relevant placement and strong ROI.

Get the most from your ad budget

The Content-Targeted Marketing Platform for Advertisers

The 7Search/Pay-Per-Ranking advertising program generates quality website traffic on behalf of thousands of advertisers through its pay-per-click (bid for placement) advertising search engine.

Currently providing results for over 400 million searches per month, 7Search specializes in serving website owners of "low profit margin" categories of business that can not afford to pay over ten cents per visitor.

Be a Advertiser!

Enhance Interactive, Inc. is a leading provider of pay-for-performance search engine marketing services, connecting thousands of merchants with millions of consumers via highly targeted pay-per-click advertising programs, including Paid Listings, Contextual Advertising, and Guaranteed Inclusion.

Enhance Interactive complements these offerings with best-in-class, personalized account service. Enhance Interactive's Paid Listings product delivers traffic on a pay-per-click basis via keyword searches through Enhance Interactive's distribution partners, including hundreds of search engines and directories.

Results are not dependent on any one site. They are distributed across the Web. This allows Enhance Interactive advertisers to effectively reach diverse demographics. Some of Enhance Interactive's featured partners include Excite, Dogpile, InfoSpace, Verizon, and WebCrawler.

With Enhance Interactive, you're seen, you're clicked on, and you're visited. Signup and get a $25 FREE pay-per-click credit!

With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to help us match your ads to your audience and pay only when someone clicks on them.

Google AdWords

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