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postal codes provided by Estafeta, the leading express shipping company in Mexico.

2006 Mexico Road Atlas

Mexico Road Atlas 2006

The most up-to-date Mexico road atlas by the most authoritative map publishers in Mexico. Detailed highway route plans indicate toll booths and toll fees, possible side trips and distances, places to stay and places to eat, gas stations, auto mechanics, medical services.

Identifies locations of traffic hazard signs and intersections with numbered highways. Also locates commercial districts, panoramic and scenic views, rest areas, public telephones, border crossings.

Scale 1:1,000,000. Contains 49 area maps and 51 city plans. Fully indexed with over 12,000 cities and places. 9 x 11 inches.

Updated yearly. In Spanish. Order your copy of Mexico Road Atlas today!

Frommer's Mexico 2006 Frommer's Mexico 2006

Featuring gorgeous full-color photos of the white-sand beaches, mysterious ruins, and colorful market towns that await you.

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