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Mexico Connect
Mexico Connect is a bountiful playground of basic and curious information on all aspects of Mexico, the country, its people, its culture and places to visit or live, as well as everything the business person needs to do business in, with or from Mexico.
The Mexico Travel Guide
The one-stop shopping site for Mexico Travel. The Mexico Travel Guide gives you the resources to plan, enjoy and make the best of your vacations and investments in Mexico with up to date information.
Mexico OnLine
The complete and independent resource center dedicated to Mexico, including Baja California, Business, Culture, History, NAFTA, Real Estate, & Travel.
Guide to Mexico for travel, leisure, lifestyle, culture, business and investment

Frommer's Mexico 2004

by David Baird, Lynne Bairstow

Completely updated every year (unlike most of the competition), Frommer's Mexico features gorgeous full-color photos of the white-sand beaches, mysterious ruins, and colorful market towns that await you. Our authors have lived in and written about Mexico for years, so they're able to provide valuable insights and advice. They'll steer you away from the touristy and the inauthentic, and show you the real heart of Mexico. Let them take you to exciting cities, charming colonial towns, lovely beach resorts, ancient ruins, traditional Maya villages, and natural wonders, from the Copper Canyon to the whale migration off Baja.

You'll travel Mexico like a pro with our candid advice and handy Spanish-language glossary. Also included are accurate regional and town maps (including site plans of the major ruins), up-to-date advice on finding the best package deals, a free color fold-out map, and an online directory that makes trip-planning a snap!

Frommer's Mexico 2004

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