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Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish

There are several good language books to help you learn Spanish. For those that are beginning the adventure of learning a new language, a book/cassette or a book/CD combination is recommended. The cassettes and CDs will help you to develop good listening skills along with proper pronunciation.

Mexican Bookstore - Learning Spanish

Visit the Danamite Bookstore for recommended titles for learning Spanish.

Listening to Spanish whenever possible is a great way to improve your grasp of the language. There are several ways to do this.

Listen to your local television and radio stations that broadcast in Spanish. There are also several radio stations that are available on the internet. These provide great background music while you are surfing the net.

Today, satellite TV provides even more opportunity to learn Spanish with the variety of latino programming packages they offer.

Mexican Radio and TV

Mexican Radio and Television

Listen to Spanish music cassettes and CDs. Here is a list of some great Mexican music.

Mexican Music

Mexican Music

Watch movies in Spanish on your VCR or DVD player. There is a variety of titles available on VCR tapes but I like the extra features on DVD. Provided is a selection of movies that are dubbed in Spanish along with Spanish subtitles. These movies will give you several options. Watch the movie in English with Spanish subtitles to improve your vocabulary. Watch the movie in Spanish with English subtitles to improve your listening skills. Watch the movie in Spanish with Spanish subtitles to improve your reading and writing skills. Finally, watch the movie in Spanish with no subtitles to see how much you have learned.

Movies in Spanish

DVDs in Spanish

Free Spanish Lessons

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