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My Mexico : A Culinary Odyssey With More Than 300 Recipes
by Diana Kennedy

From the Author
I wanted this book to be different from the others--after all, how many times can you write about chiles, ingredients, and cooking methods? Few people know how amazing the landscape is in the pine-covered highlands or the tropical cloud forests that rise up from the Gulf Coast; even the semi-arid areas are dramatic and colorful in early spring. Several people have told me that while reading My Mexico they feel they are a passenger in my truck as I drive those scenic highways.

I would hope that future generations of Mexican Americans will read My Mexico and be able to picture where their families came from and the food they ate, and imagine the sort of land that produced some of those aromatic herbs and wild greens that I talk about. The extraordinary Swiss chef Fredy Giradet once said: "We must preserve our regional cuisines because they are our culinary foundations."

A few years ago I was doing some articles for a magazine called Mexico Desconocido (Unknown Mexico) in a series called La Receta Rescatada--The Rescued Recipe. I wanted to incorporate them because they form a fascinating part of what I call the "hidden gastronomy of Mexico" which includes many of the free foods found in the wild: how they are gathered and cooked. I feel strongly that this heritage should be recorded since its survival will be linked to sustainable agricultural practices and the conservation of the environment.

--Diana Kennedy, author of My Mexico

Diana Kennedy - My Mexico

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The Cuisines of Mexico
by Diana Kennedy, Sidonie Coryn (Illustrator), Craig Claiborne (Designer)

A classic! The world's foremost authority on Mexican cuisine provides a mouth-watering array of delicious recipes. "She's taken a piece of the culinary world and made herself its queen."--New York

Diana Kennedy - The Cuisines of Mexico

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Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen : Capturing the Vibrant Flavors of a World-Class Cuisine
by Rick Bayless

The most accessible and complete book on authentic Mexican cooking ever, Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen features more than 200 recipes which embrace the full spectrum of Mexican cooking. And, in Rick Bayless's skillful hands, this cuisine is within the reach of even the most amateur cook--all the instructions are contained within each recipe, with no cross referencing.

Rick Bayless - Mexican Kitchen

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The Food and Life of Oaxaca : Traditional Recipes from Mexico's Heart
by Zarela Martinez

Oaxaca state is one of the most fascinating regions of Mexico. Located among the mountains of the southwest, it is a land of dramatic beauty, delicious food, and rich culture. It is the most biologically and culturally diverse region in the countryhome to the broadest range of indigenous people, including the Zapotec and Mixtec Indians. Its history has had a profound effect of the food of the region, which is as diverse as its inhabitants. The strong regional identity of Oaxaca has struck a chord with savvy travelers and diners. It is an increasingly popular tourist destination whose unique beauty has recently been featured in Saveur magazine, among other influential publications. Food is inextricably tied to daily religious rituals and celebrations. The Food and Life of Oaxaca captures this interrelationship by offering traditional recipes from the major celebrations, the most colorful of which is the Day of the Dead. In addition to special festival fare, there are enticing recipes for everyday that include such favorites as Potato-Cheese Fritters, Pickled Vegetablesa distinctive regional treatChicken in Almond Sauce, and Buuelos. And there are recipes for sublime moles. These sauce-based dishes are typical of Oaxaca, which is fondly called land of the seven moles. Beautiful black and white photographs of the food and people of Oaxaca capture the vibrant spirit and venerable traditions of this alluring region of Mexico. Born in Sonora, Mexico, Zarela Martinez has lived in Guadalajara and El Paso. She has owned her critically acclaimed New York City restaurant Zarela since 1987. She has written on Mexican cooking for numerous newspapers and magazines including the Los Angeles Times,

Zarela Martinez - The Food and Life of Oaxaca

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Food from My Heart : Cuisines of Mexico Remembered and Reimagined
by Zarela Martinez

More than 175 regional Mexican recipes are accompanied by descriptions of the diverse influences that shaped the author's cooking style, explanations of how to apply various cooking techniques, and profiles of Mexican traditions.

Zarela Martinez - Food From the Heart

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