Job Interviews For Dummies

Job Interviews For Dummies - Kennedy

Job Interviews For Dummies discusses how to research, rehearse, and prepare for job interviews, seize opportunities to sell yourself, handle tricky questions, and negotiate a great salary.

Whether you're fresh from the classroom, a prime-timer over 50 -- or somewhere in between -- Job Interviews for Dummies helps you outprepare the competition, overcome your fear of interviewing, and outrageously improve your interviewing success. You meet Internet video interviewing techniques and learn how to present yourself on a global scale. You get new advice on giving targeted responses, pinpointing the critical part of questions, and following up after the interview in this outstanding handbook of contemporary interview arts.

Discover how to:

  • Give the best answers to make-or-break questions
  • Fit your qualifications to a job's requirements
  • Dress like an insider
  • Negotiate a better salary
  • Survive personality tests
  • Interview across cultures

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